Bay Area Genealogical Society

Board Members


Board of Directors     2020-2021

Position Member Term
President Barbara Hoffman (2019-2021)
Vice President Kristina Reignier (2020-2022)
Recording Secretary OPEN (2019-2021)
Corresponding Secretary OPEN (2018-2020)
Treasurer Laurie Wagner (2020-2022)
Immediate Past President Mary Jane Herber (2012-2013)
Member at Large Tom Aldrich (2020-2022)
Member at Large Deb Frey (2020-2022)
Member at Large Barbara Renard (2020-2022)
Member at Large Ed Graves (2019-2021)
Member at Large Anne Kasuboski (2019-2021)
Member at Large Debra Wellens (2019-2021)

Committees Chairs
Cemetery Chairperson/Gravesite Administrator Linda Lehrer
GEMS Newsletter Editor Kristina Reignier
GEMS Design Layout Jean Spodeck
Jean Nicolet Chairperson Barbara Hoffman
Library Consultant Mary Jane Herber
Membership Chairperson Laurie Wagner
Programs Committee Debra Frey
Programs Committee Barbara Hoffman
Programs Committee Barb Renard
Programs Committee Laurie Wagner
Programs Committee Debra Wellens
Public Relations and Marketing Debra Wellens
Sales Chairperson Debra Frey
Webmaster Jean Spodeck