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Cemetery Name:Mount Olivet Cemetery [Erie Street] City DePere now Ledgeview
Township:Town of DePere City of De Pere
Address:Town of DePere City of De Pere
City or Town:
Directions:Cemetery is located on Erie Street at south end of East DePere.
Cemetery Type:
Estimated Graves:4932

Cemetery Notes

  • Date Of Entry: Dec 20, 2015
    Note: Hey John,Your brother looks a lot like you in many ways!Hope all is well with you in Philly. Elaine and I have been ennijoyg our life here in Oregon, and we\'ve been working on our new (old) home. I think we are done with all the updates for now we just need a puppy, like Judy!
  • Date Of Entry: Dec 21, 2015
    Note: I love that one with the birdie<a href=\"\"> fiooprtnts</a> so much! Cracks me up. These are all wonderful shots and you were brave to go out in the cold to take them. It was brass monkeys that day!
  • Date Of Entry: Dec 22, 2015
    Note: Pleased to see that a friends<a href=\"\"> oonagisatirn</a> exists. I tried to visit my fathers grave in December, and the whole row of headstones looked to have disappeared. He is interred in the far bottom left end having passed away in October 1978, and is amongst other Catholics (Donald Francis Harrington). is it possible that some headstones have been removed because of the swampiness of the ground down there, and if so, when will they be replaced.

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